The high performance sportswear brand Lurbel has developed a protective mask. The Lurbel Faz mask, which goes on sale on 11 May*, has been developed with the patented Regenactiv textile technology (technology that is the basis of the development of the successful Lurbel Bmax sock line).

Prevents the spread of the virus

It is a mask that protects from the inside out, as it prevents propagation of the small micro-droplets that we project when we speak, thus providing us with a barrier to prevent contagion. This must of course always be used alongside compliance with all other essential rules, such as social distancing and proper hand washing.

Protective mask

With Lurbel Faz, the product managers from this Valencian company aimed to create a protective tool that would help athletes and the large family of customers who trust in Lurbel to respond to the new situation after confinement measures have been relaxed, which we hope will be soon. It was designed in consideration of various potential future usage scenarios, such as competition pens, refreshment stations, in public places as a prevention tool, etc., because it will almost certainly be an integral part of the new "everyday life" that awaits us after confinement.

The main strengths of this mask are:

·         Bacterial filtration efficiency of  ≥ 95% (prevents the spread of the virus)

·         Potential for reuse (washed in a domestic washing machine at 60ºC)

·         Antibacterial and antifungal properties (guaranteed effect at 135 washes)

·         Bi-directional fabric with maximum adaptability and fit

·         Prevention of excess moisture and irritability

·         Fabric that is very soft and pleasant to the touch


Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 95%

Lurbel Faz is much more than a sports mask. The launch of this protective tool under the Lurbel brand name, the sports line of MLS Textiles, the owner and developer of Lurbel, demonstrates the company's return to normal activity after weeks of focusing purely on its healthcare division, being fully immersed in the development of products to respond to the healthcare emergency through the manufacture of gloves and masks. In the latter case, the fabric has demonstrated a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of ≥ 95% (according to EN 14683:2019+AC:2019).

Sports product with a health guarantee

This protective tool was developed by consolidating all the technological expertise from the company's healthcare line, which has been marketed under our own Muvu healthcare brand since 2015. This line of business is less well-known than the Lurbel sports line, but there is a large investment behind it. So much so that the central facilities that develop Lurbel sports articles in Ontinyent have now become an authentic textile laboratory, having been granted a 5947-PS Class I healthcare product licence by the AEMPS in 2013 (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products), in addition to their CE mark.

Regenactiv textile technology

The Lurbel Faz mask has been developed with our own patented Regenactiv technology, which is also used in the renowned Lurbel Bmax sock line. This fabric was developed through more than 10 years of research into its properties and potential applications, and its main feature is its ability to accelerate the healing process of skin injuries. It does this not only by keeping them clean, but also through its extraordinary potential to promote renewal of the epidermis.

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