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Kjerag the ultimate performance trail running shoe

1,200 km. 197g in size 7.5UK. These are neither more nor less than the numbers behind the first prototype of the Kjerag shoe that Kilian used. On the western coast of Norway we find the Kjerag mountain. Spectacular views more than reward those who reach its 1,100m summit. To get there you can make your way through trail running routes that will put you to the test or walk along trails of moderate difficulty.

It is this versatility, with options for everyone, that inspired us to put the name Kjerag [pronounced: sche-rak]. to our first shoe. And it really is made for any runner, regardless of their level. Our design team has worked closely with world-class athletes like Kilian Jornet to create a shoe that's versatile, whether you're riding technical trails or training on the flat... Pretty much anywhere.

As Kilian explains: "Our goal with the Kjerag was to find the highest quality materials, the most advanced technologies and the most planet-friendly production processes. In other words, the best in every aspect. From here, We've tried to put it together into an off-road shoe that's as good for a KV as it is for about 100 miles."

Be quick. Give it all Step lightly.

The Kjerag weighs just 200g (for sizes UK 8 / US 9). Although its weight is similar to that of a flying shoe, it presents impressive cushioning and stability, thanks to a 23.5 mm midsole in the rear and 17.5 mm in the front (with a 6 mm drop).

The last of the shoe is designed so that the front part is wide, adapting to those feet that need space for long distances and hot days. "When you run, you forget you're wearing them," says Kilian, who has put the Kjerag to the test over and over again in the biggest races of 2022. "They follow the natural movement of the foot, which helps prevent muscle fatigue." and the blisters. The shoe adapts to you”.



Designed in a unique partnership between VIBRAM and NNormal, the Litebase sole drastically reduces its total weight (up to 30%), thanks to a 50% reduction in thickness, while maintaining the perfect shape and 3.5mm studs.

Snowy peaks, wet roots, muddy trails... Whatever terrain you step on, the Megagrip Vibram has a great grip and a long duration. Thus, it adapts to the terrain so that your feet, muscles and joints merge with nature. The stud is made up of 50 studs, with a fast 3.5mm profile that prioritizes speed and sensitivity to the ground. All studs have between 6 and 8 angles, and are strategically placed to promote grip during propulsion, maintain control on lateral supports and retain on technical descents.

Matryx Upper

The upper part of the shoe, the upper, is woven with a braid of Kevlar and polyamide threads, which makes it an exceptionally resistant, durable and highly breathable shoe. This, added to a traditional lacing system, guarantees maximum foot support, even on difficult terrain and over long distances. The fabric is also renowned for being extremely lightweight and easy to wash after a long day of running on muddy trails. Produced in Ardèche (France) the dyeing process uses between 50 and 95% less water than other methods.

EExpure Midsole

A new generation of foam, specifically designed for trail running shoes, that adapts perfectly to the Kjerag's 6mm drop. The EExpure foam of the midsole is in direct contact with your feet through a very thin membrane. With no inner sole, you'll get the best propulsion and compression possible, less slippage and fewer blisters!

This lightweight, low-density composite material is characterized by its high reactivity and greater stability. The recovery capacity of the foam favors excellent durability in the compression of the midsole. In the area of ​​greatest pressure, there is an ultra-thin protective layer that prevents sharp stones from causing injury.

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